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Download Minecraft Earth for Android and IOS (FREE)

If you are a fan of Minecraft, without a doubt you want to enjoy the new augmented reality proposal that it proposes Mojang together with Microsoft. For this reason, in this post, I am going to tell you where Download Minecraft Earth for Android and IOS completely free. It is a novel game that will… Read more »

How to download Minecraft Story Mode for Android

The minecraft building game It quickly became a worldwide sensation since its launch due to its unique style of play. This resulted in it being distributed across all the different platforms and having different versions, which is why today I am going to show you how Minecraft Story Mode download. This is a free game… Read more »

Download Minecraft Education Edition

The educational edition of the Minecraft game that it is oriented to teachers, students and educational institutions is a reality. This is because with Minecraft Education Edition, you can promote creativity, collaboration and problem solving in a really simple way. The idea of ​​this version of the game is to make it a space for… Read more »

Download the best launcher for Minecraft – TLauncher

If you are looking for the best launcher for Minecraft you’re in luck, because today in this post I’m going to teach you everything you need to know about the TLauncher. This is one of the best launcher you can find for non-premium Minecraft, with great features that make it stand out. It is available… Read more »

Download official Minecraft launcher

If you want enter the world of Minecraft and make the most of the experience with your friends so you will need the official minecraft launcher. In this way, you can start the game on your computer, and thus start playing online with your friends. In the market you will find hundreds of different launchers,… Read more »

Download Minecraft Educational – School version

Without a doubt the great potential it has Minecraft Educational It is something that many schools have taken advantage of today to teach more interactive classes. In all cases, thanks to the school version Minecraft can have a tool to connect teachers with their students in a really optimal way. However, you should bear in… Read more »

Download the best copies of Minecraft – alternatives

Minecraft has become a phenomenon making even a new genre of video games established, and that’s why it sweeps YouTube in front of many games. It is a game that has inspired other studios to release very similar games, which is why today I am going to show you the best copies of Minecraft. These… Read more »