Best platforms to trade in Minecraft

Minecraft trading refers to the trading system, that allows each player to exchange emeralds for any other object, this exchange becomes common, between villagers, as well as wandering merchants.

This time, we will indicate how to trade in Minecraft without being scammed.

⚔ How does Minecraft trading work?

As we mentioned before, trading refers to game trading system, which is strongly represented by villagers, now how does it work?

Now entering the matter, we have to indicate that the moment we give right click on some villager, we will be able to access an interface where we will be allowed to market with it.

Also, the villagers will be able to make offers depending on the profession they have. The offers can be consulted from the buttons located both to the left and to the right of the offer that was currently displayed.

⚔ What objects can we get through trading?

Through trading we will have the opportunity to acquire objects that are considered rare or that are very difficult to obtain, among them, the mesh armor, and also represents the only legitimate method when acquiring the bottle with experience within survival mode.

⚔ Platforms for trading in Minecraft

In this segment, we are going to indicate how you can do a trading hall in Minecraft, which consists of a platform, where the villagers will be locked in a kind of cubicles, and you will be able to assign which is the profession you need them to have at that time.

Although we know that negotiating with villagers can be cumbersome, with the trading hall, offers can vary greatly, for example, the object that previously cost you up to six emeralds, can cost you only one.

⚔ Steps to build a trading hall in Minecraft

In this section we will leave a series of YouTube tutorials for different versions of Minecraft, where you will be able to observe what are the steps you must follow to build your own trading hall, in order to get the most out of it

Hall Trading hall in Minecraft 1.14.4 and 1.15

Hall Trading hall in Minecraft Pocket Edition

As we mentioned before, when creating this trading hall, you will be able to assign the profession of your preference to each of the villagers, remember that there are several, so you must choose which is the most convenient for you at that time.

Villagers’ professions

The professions of the villagers can almost always be identified by their clothing, and many times they have specific tasks depending on their profession, among the most common are: armor blacksmiths, cartographers, butchers, arrowman, librarian, tool blacksmith, arms blacksmith, among other professions.

What can be achieved with the villagers trading hall?

  • They are ideal for granting professions to booksellers, in this way Large quantities of enchanting books can be produced.
  • We can grant the profession of priest to one of our villagers, so that he is in charge of granting us eyes of Enderman, in case we want to find Stronghold.
  • It provides a lot of experience, when exchanging paper for bags with the villagers.

Trading curiosities in Minecraft

  • The baby villagers cannot do exchanges, nor the jobs that adult villagers do.
  • If you play Minecraft Pocket Edition villagers will not be able to leave your village.
  • When you make use of a villager’s name tag, you can go directly to the underworld portal.

And that is how we have introduced you to one of the most popular platforms in Minecraft, when it comes to trading without being scammed or offered products for exorbitant amounts of emeralds, we hope this post has been very useful for you, and if you have any questions, we will be happy to help you resolve them.

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