Dragon Breath Potion in Minecraft – What is it for

The potion of dragon breath in minecraft, it is available since version 1.9 of Minecraft, and this time Minecraftopedia, He has made a post completely dedicated to you knowing what this potion is for in Minecraft, and you can get the most out of it.

What is and what is the dragon breath in Minecraft

He dragon breath in minecraft, refers to an object belonging to the raw material used when converting those splashing potions to potions that are much more persistent, and as we mentioned earlier, it was added in the Minecraft version 1.9.

How to Get Dragon’s Breath in Minecraft

To get the dragon breath in minecraft, you must follow the following steps:

  1. The first thing you have to do is be in the “creative mode” of the game, and have empty glass jars available.
  2. Then we have to see the ender dragon, and your breath will remain on the ground.
  3. We take it through the jars that we have empty, we can proceed to make the collection of the dragon’s breath.
  4. Already collected the dragon’s breath, you can proceed to create new potions, which do exactly the same effect as the dragon’s breath, that is, they will stay on the ground, in a more persistent way.
  5. Then we take a potions support, and by means of a splash potion we can throw them to other players.
  6. But the previous step cannot be done without first doing the combination of any splash we have with the dragon’s breath. and already that way we will have the same result that dragon’s breath has when it is thrown to the ground.

This particle cloud that appears when it is thrown will have much more persistence and will last longer for having dragon breath, since when you throw it without it, the duration will be a little less.

Curiosities of the dragon potion

  • Despite the fact that it seems that it can be taken, it should not be ingested.
  • It contains two colors inside,
  • It is obtained in the same way, that when water is collected, by means of glass jars.
  • At the time of use as potions support, it can take time to apply in those splash positions, and in front of any object.

To take into account:

  • When taking positions that are considered as “Negative” by accident you should drink milk so they can remove the effects, you can also proceed to drink cow’s milk.
  • When you throw a lot lingering potions At the same time, being in creative mode, the game can become slow, resulting in being uncomfortable.
  • Try not to take negative positions or by accident, since, if you die, you can lose all the objects that you have accumulated until that moment in the game.

And this is how you have known what is and what is the breath of the dragon in Minecraft We hope that it has been made clear to you, and if you have any questions about it, you can also consult us, and with the greatest of tastes, we will be able to respond to each of your concerns.

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