Dynmap plugin for Google Maps for Minecraft

The Dynmap plugin or also called dynamic map, allows us to view maps in real time, very similar to when we handle applications like Google Maps, and is fully available for our Minecraft server.

Its use inside servers is recommended “Hosted”, so that in localhost doesn’t make much sense. The map will be able to update regularly, the moment we leave our browser open, it will follow up on many things, including nearby players, and, above all, from different regions, which appear in the upper window. of mod navigation.

How to download and install the Dynmap mod from Google Maps for Minecraft

We can count on this mod for the versions of Minecraft 1.6.2, 1.6.4, 1.7.2, 1.7.10, 1.8, to proceed with the download follow these steps:

As we have previously mentioned, for the installation of any Minecraft mod, the installation of Minecraft Forge (the version varies depending on the version of the mod to download), once you complete the Minecraft Forge installation process, you will proceed to Download and install the Dynmap mod for Minecraft, at the following links:

The next step is to enter the Minecraft folders on your computer, in case you have Windows, place it at startup “% Appdata%”, and the next step is to click on “run”.

If you have MAC, hold ALT, and in the menu bar locate “library”.

That way you will be able to open the “Applications”, and then locate the folder of “Minecraft”. The mod you downloaded in file format .jar. It must go inside the mods folder, and finally, once the Minecraft game starts, you must see the mod modifications, enjoying it, in the game.

Features of the Dynmap Mod for Minecraft

  • We can configure maps of different types.
  • We have support for many worlds.
  • We can view other users in real time with photos on the map.
  • Weather and climate display.

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