Enchantments with the Minecraft Trident – Guide

He minecraft trident, is known as one of the throwing combat weapons for hand-to-hand combat, and the same is obtained as long as a drowned man is murdered. It is characterized by having to be picked up at the time of throwing itself, if not, it will not be able to return, in addition, it can also be enchanted through loyalty.

How to get the Minecraft trident

We must point out that these tridents they are not fabricable, but they are obtained after murdering a drowned, as a reward, since it is his attack weapon, so the chances that this weapon will remain as a reward are super high.

It should be noted that only the drowned that are generated naturally are those that appear with tridents, not those that are turned into zombies. Although it is possible that they may release a trident.

To get them, we can do it from the ground, after these have been launched, similarly, as it happens with the arrows.

Trident enchantments in Minecraft

⚔ Loyalty

You can find it from versions 1.13, and it is a characteristic that makes reference that every time you launch the trident, it returns to you, as if it were a boomerang effect. You can also enchant using the lapis lazuli book, digesting the “enchant” menu, and placing the book right in the first section.

⚔ Riptide

Through this charm, our trident can be used as a means of rapid transportationTridents with this charm can only be cast when the player is standing in the water.

⚔ Channeling

A unique charm, but Can only be used when there are thunderstorms, which do not happen very often, if you throw the trident during the storm, it will cause a lightning bolt to fall from the sky towards an enemy that you have previously hit with the trident in Minecraft.

⚔ Troubled waters

It may propagate a trident that is under water, or a storm may be able to transport it to a specific competent, which will inflict on damage caused by splashing.

⚔ impale

Capable of causing damage from one body to another body, and even extra damage over distances of water mobsAs long as they spawn naturally within the ocean, they can also deal additional damage to other players.

Bre Unbreaking

Able to increase durability in each of the objects, so that the weapon can last much longer before it breaks.

⚔ Repair

If you get enough experience in Minecraft you can get the necessary experience to make repairs.

And this is how you can make use of Minecraft trident, and all enchantments, in a very fun way, remember that if you do not have it, you can get it when murdering a drowned man.

He minecraft trident It is considered one of the best weapons within Minecraft, so it is definitely worth having with you.

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