How do I create a library with books in Minecraft?

Libraries in Minecraft, are characterized by being a block, which can be used in many ways, usually used in conjunction with the enchantment table, which, in its best form, can reach the best enchantments at level 30. Also, it is an object capable of giving the oven more fuel time.

It should be noted that racks can be generated naturally in both villages and fortresses. This time, at Minecraftopedia, we have decided to show you how you can Crafting a bookstore with books in Minecraft.

Steps to follow to create a library with books in Minecraft

First of all, to carry out the bookstore crafting, we are going to need 3 books, that, if you don’t know how to do them, you only need:

  • Three sheets of paper (obtained from sugar cane).
  • A leather (got from cows).

By gathering these elements, you will be able to manufacture the necessary books (as shown in the image).

Then, the three books and six wooden blocks are placed (they can be of any type of wood), and in this way our bookstore would be ready.

Apart from its use it is decorative, and it is also used to expand much more the incantations table, through the use of a maximum of fifteen libraries (as shown in the photograph), it would also be reaching level 30, which translates to maximum level of enchantment.

These libraries are fully flammable, so you must be careful, as they can be easily exploited, and if the enchantment table is near the bookshelves, particles will appear in the books, capable of reaching the table.

Other curiosities of the libraries in Minecraft:

  • Place them near the enchantment table, so that they are much more effective.
  • If they break with an ax, returns 3 books, which are used when crafting.
  • It can be used as fuel inside the ovens.
  • It is able to naturally spawn only in fortresses and villages.

In this way you will be able Crafting a bookstore with books in Minecraft, in an extremely fast and simple way. We hope that our explanation has been made clear to you, and that you can make the libraries you want.

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