How to download Minecraft Story Mode for Android

The minecraft building game It quickly became a worldwide sensation since its launch due to its unique style of play. This resulted in it being distributed across all the different platforms and having different versions, which is why today I am going to show you how Minecraft Story Mode download.

Minecraft Story Mode

This is a free game with built-in purchases that was released in the order that you can always have a great experience. However, it is a game that presents a really fantastic adventure, despite having been discontinued in June 2019. However, you can still enjoy it on Android by downloading the APK that you can find in the following button:


Minecraft Story Mode lets you save the world

This is a high quality adventure in which you can explore different worlds, including Overworld. There with the appropriate decision making you will be able to achieve your objective, but remember that your actions will directly affect the development of the game’s history.

This adventure has 2 episodes with which you can have a really entertaining experience. It is an adventure that you can play with your friends, and that, despite was available on all platforms, Currently you can find the adventure for your Android mobile.

Main game features

This is a Minecraft graphic adventure which was developed by Telltale Games, and that has the following characteristics:

  • It can build, solve puzzles and craft
  • Decisions can be made that will directly affect the development of the story.
  • You have access to different episodes with different adventures.
  • You can meet the original voices in english.
  • You can choose between different characters.

The first thing to keep in mind is that, to start playing you must choose an episode to start playing. However the only thing that is free is the first episode of the game, therefore the rest of episodes must be downloaded if you want to play them.

Then all you have to do is choose your character and you can start playing, managing your character with touches on the screen. It is recommended that you have played the original Minecraft before starting this adventure so that it does not pose a challenge.

So you can Download Minecraft Story Mode for Android you must have a mobile with operating system 2.3.3 or higher. Therefore, most current mobiles will meet this requirement.

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