How to make a golem in Minecraft

The golems are iron creatures that appear in Minecraft and that they serve as perfect allies to defend ourselves from any type of enemy attack. Especially when it comes to zombies. In this way, when you are ambushed, you can be calm because your faithful friend will be there to defend you. You just need plenty of iron. In addition, you can also create one to become a new partner during your adventure. So in this article we are going to show you how to make a golem in Minecraft.

Before starting, it is necessary to clarify that for the creation of a golem in minecraft, you do not need a crafting table. This is because it is not a normal object, but it is simply a structure. The difficulty is in knowing how to put it together. Read on to find out.

What is the structure to create a Golem?

To create a golem is very simple. You just need to make a simple five-block structure consisting of the following:

  • Four (4) iron blocks.
  • One (1) block of pumpkin with a face.

Once you have all of this, you will only need to place a base block as a body, followed by three blocks on top horizontally, to assemble the chest and arms. Then, you must put the pumpkin on the tip and voila, your golem will come to life automatically.

How to make a face to the pumpkin?

One of the most common problems when making this structure is that the ordinary pumpkin found in the game has no face. It is necessary to clarify that before, in versions 1.8 and 1.9 they did have a default, but from the later ones, it began to be a simple normal pumpkin.

To make a face at the pumpkin, you will have to use scissors. Get closer with the scissors to the vegetables and then press the action button and immediately the face of Halloween will appear.

How to make iron blocks?

Another thing that can happen when doing this, is that you do not have any iron block. However, if you are one of those who have abundant iron bars, then you will not have to worry. Collect 38 ingots, 4 for each square.

Create a crafting table and fill each quadrant with four iron ingots. Click to create and magically the iron blocks will appear. Repeat the procedure until you reach four and then you can create your golem.

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