How to make rails and tracks in Minecraft – Step by step tutorial

Make rails and tracks in Minecraft, it is extremely important when traveling the entire map, thus saving us the fact of having to walk when the distances are too great, although we can run, it is not recommended because we will quickly lower the hunger bars.

Another advantage of having rails and tracks in Minecraft, is that the wagons will be able to circulate in a much easier way. In addition, there are currently three kinds of roads that we can build: normal, detecting and propelling.

How to create normal pathways in Minecraft

Normal routes have the ability to move a wagon as long as it has a own impulseIn other words, it is not capable of driving the wagon.

For the manufacture of these rails it is necessary that we have a wooden stick, as well as with six iron parts. These materials must be placed on the crafting tables and we can quickly obtain the normal ways in Minecraft.

How to create detector pathways in Minecraft

To make these types of routes we just need six iron ingots, a Redstone, and finally a plate containing stone pressure. By putting each of these materials together on the crafting table we can obtain the detractor rails in Minecraft.

How to create jet lanes in Minecraft

When making propeller rails, it is necessary that we have six gold bars, and a wooden stickas well as a unit of Redstone. The necessary tools are placed on the crafting table, and we will have the propeller rails as a result.

How to make rail tracks in Minecraft

Once you have made the rails, the next step is make sure to equip our inventory with the same.

The next step is look at the ground, and with the right click you will place the railsYou can also press the left trigger.

In case you need the car to go up hills, place drive railsAnd don’t forget to put a lever so you can control the drive rail and stop at a specific location.

As well as, you must place torches so that the electricity always stays active.

Don’t forget to place the wagon right at the beginning of the road, through the quick access bar, get on the wagon, and you can now enjoy the tracks you built.

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