Lectern Minecraft – What is it and how to make?

In Minecrat, the music stand is a block that was included in the game when the version 1.14. From there, many things changed. It is an object whose main function is to place books so that they can be read by one or more players simultaneously. So it is almost a fact that this is a plugin that is one hundred percent oriented online multiplayer and not so much offline. That way, multiple users can read at the same time without having to take turns reading.

How to make a Minecraft Lectern?

The recipe for making a lectern is one of the simplest. You will simply need four solid wood slabs (in this case, it doesn’t matter what color they have). Also, you’re also going to have to get a bookstore of the conventional ones. After this, Set up the crafting table and put the objects in the order shown in the image above. That is to say, the slabs in the form of “T”, but leaving a space in the middle, which is where the bookstore goes.

It is necessary to clarify that a lectern can be manufactured by anyone. However, it is a block that is created naturally in whatever world or map you are playing. So if you can’t or don’t want to make it, then you can afford to look for one in the main village library building.

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