Minecraft Rails – Guide to Making Railroad Tracks

The most experienced players in Minecraft they know perfectly well the importance of the rails, or what is the same: the tracks. These are the lines through which the wagons or trains cross. Currently, there are different types: normal, the detectors and the propellers. All of them can be manufactured without problem on a crafting table. However, before going straight to the tutorial, first we will know what each one offers us and what their differences are.

Normal rails

Normal routes are those that are used so that the trucks can travel frequently. But this only works if the means of transport has its own momentum.

Detector rails

On the other hand, the detection routes or also known as “rail detectors”, are those that come with an included switch that activates when the wagon passes over it. Doing so emits a Redstone signal which could be very useful.

Drive rails

Finally, the propellers, which are the ones that drive any type of wagons that pass through there. This increases your speed and can continue moving when a redstone is nearby.

How to make Minecraft rails?


For normal Minecraft rails, you will only need a wooden stick, which you will place in the center of the crafting table. Then, you will have to get six iron bars, which you will put on the sides, 3 on each side.


For the detector rails, you will need the same iron bars, located exactly in the same place as the normal one. Then a redstone unit, which you will have to place in the lowest part in the center. And finally, a stone pressure plate, which will go in the center of the table.


Finally, for the thrusters, you will have to find up to six gold bars, which, like the iron ones, you will have to put on the sides, with 3 on each side. Then a wooden stick in the middle and a redstone just below.

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